Yesterday – A Review. . .Staying On Track

The morning started off with an early morning phone call from none other than my grandmother. “Who’s calling?” She asks. Mind you my phone was the one that starting ringing at 4:47 AM (3 minutes before my alarm was set to go off). “Grandma?” I say in a sleepy voice. “Baby? Why’d you call me?” She asks. I laugh and inform her that she had called me. To which she said her phone had  rung too. Interesting. Not believing in coincidences,  I make note of the time. Three minutes to wake up. What a better way to start the day than a non emergency call from grandma? Not too bad. It made me smile a bit.

So I got up. I made cooked some steel-cut oats in a coconut almond blend milk, with golden raisins and a couple of dashes of nutmeg (yummy)! With my pre-work out drink ready and my oatmeal downed I was ready to hit the gym by 5:35 AM. Not too shabby. I’m curious if I will be able to keep this up for the whole week.

Galvanized by the momentum of my early start, I made sure my husbands things were situated before I got myself together (washed and weighed this body) for a few hours of exam practice.

Alas, the procrastinator in me won and found something – equally as productive, but not high on the priority list – for me to do. Guilty I am of blogging for most of the day. You see this Writing 101 and Blogging 101 has got me hooked. So many fascinating people with interesting stories. . .humors. . .experiences. Needless to say my day was lost, but at least I found some new blogs to follow and I was even followed in return. Sheesh what a day. Whoot! Whoot (say it aloud, it’ll make you smile 😉 )! Now I’m off to do today’s Writing 101 assignment. Hey I did actually study today. Just a FYI. 😉


Random Stream. . .Writing 101

Take 20 minutes to free write they said. Dangerous games, they play (in my Yoda voice). Little do they know the battle with my inner fat gurl has kicked in after hanging out with my PHAT gurl for lunch at the gym. By the way, I KILLED the gym today. I tried a new ab workout. It was. . .yes, KILLER! I have the bruises to prove it. Although I am fairly certain, bruises were not the gains I should have been expecting.

But alas, such was my lot this afternoon. So what was the routine? It was called MedBall Suicide. Creepy I know, but it looks rather beastly (in the sexy sort of way) when executed. So it’s 3 to 4 sets of the following: 1 arm medicine ball roll (kind of like an ab roller exercise with a medicine ball, but only using one hand to roll all the way up one arm until you are parallel to the floor. Check it out the MedBall Suicide Superset via Instagram since it’s so difficult to describe.

Needless to say I felt like my Beast Mode was turned up past 10. So I decided to work out my legs a bit because. . .well let’s face it, I want to have one of those butts that make people want to reach out and touch it/pay homage to it, but they won’t because they have respect for my personal space and privacy. I know I know, such a contradiction. But that’s okay because this is all stream of conscious for 20 minutes, no wait. . .I almost lost track of time. I must write for another 10 minutes.

So here’s the deal, I have written more post today than I have throughout my experience blogging. Okay maybe not that many, but it’s pretty darn close. At this rate I might have a blog worth tracking/following or what have you (squeeeee!) Yes. I just squeeed. If you don’t know what squeeing is, you have not lived until something has made you “SQUEE.”

I’m hungry. I had about 1 ounce of American cheese. It was soooooooooo yummy! It’s almost time for me to finish marinating dinner. For those non pork lovers, I do apologize. But yes, the other white meat is on the menu tonight. I lovely thick center cut pork chop with the bone in. Oh the things I will do to that meat tonight. . .in the kitchen. . .on the grill. I’ll serve it with some sauteed spinach, sweet corn (for the hubby), and a sweet potato (for me).

Of course the hubby is not feeling up to par. He has had a sore throat that kept him up most of the night and into the morning. Poor guy. I, on the other hand, did not. Through sleep heavy lids, I’d see him playing on his iPad. When I asked why he was still up he’d point to his throat. A good wife would have made hims some tea. . .I wish I had thought of that while I was half sleep. But to my credit I did check on him once he passed out. I also made sure he was up for work. I even made him some tea after I had laid out his uniform. Seeeeeeeeee! I am a good wife. . .I’m even better when I’m awake or had a proper nap.

Oh look at the time. It’s almost up. The joy. . .the elation. You have no idea. As soon as I hit publish, I am going to the kitchen to eat. . .something. More cheese? More carrots? Mmmmmm. . .protein. The body wants protein. Maybe a leg from the rotissiere chicken I bought to make chicken salad yesterday. Oooh. I think I have my stomach’s attention with that idea. On that note dear readers and Writing 101 classmates, hasta luego!