Bio: Who am I? "I can be whoever you say. I can be that sight raped hunter, blindly pursuing you as my prey..." But I'm not. I am a curious epicurean, in search of that thing that will make life that much more flavorful. . .memorable. . . and engages all senses whenever possible. Life is for the living. So why not live it to it's fullest and at the best level we can. It is the journey to a fullfilling life that has left me with interesting stories and life experiences. These experiences I share with those in need...friends, family, complete strangers. Why? Because I went through what I've gone through, so I can help others to not travel down the same road, unless they just want to. Not all my roads led to destruction and tears. Some were quite lovely. Those are my most favorite roads. I'm in the business of helping when I can AND capturing moments along the way (so that I can savor them when I am too old and gray to do what I did when the body was young and able). click (cameras shutter closes).

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