Lemon TheraFlu Vicks Vapor Rub?

So Last Thursday I started feeling a bit off. But being the beast that I am, I was like it’s all good I got this. I went for a run up and down a small mountain (roughly 6 miles). Too easy right? Wrong. While I thought I handled it pretty well, by the time I made it back home I felt like poop.

I had all these great plans after the run to study for my final license to becoming an Investment Adviser, knock out some Writing and Blogging 101. But alas none of that was meant to be. By lunch time I had a 101 degree fever and  pain coursing through my body.

However, when the hubby got off work, he took care of me. As a matter of fact, I think he stayed up a few nights pouring medicine down my throat and cooling me off. Such a sweet guy. Oh and I managed to get in a game of Dungeon and Dragons with the family and one of my son’s friends. So. . .my body forced me to slow down and I got to spend some quality time with some of the important people in my world.

I’m back in fair health, now my step-dad has been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. But I have the faith in God and his perfect and infallible plan. I trust that His will be done. . .Here’s me praying that His will is keeping him alive (I really need him to hang in there for my mom – she needs the company).  But if it is not His will, I still know that he has the power and a plan. . . and sometimes that’s all I need to know.

I will catch up on the remainder of my Writing 101 assignments soon. I’ve done most of the blogging ones except that oh so tricky Dream Reader assignment. . .I mean really. . .you are who I dreamed of reading my blog. I don’t need anyone else. . .;-) Okay okay I’m a horrible liar. But I’m not really sure who my dream reader would be. But I’ll pontificate that during that portion of the blog.


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