Blogging 101: Who am I and Why am I here

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

“…There ain’t nothing I can’t do. No sky too high, no sea too rough… Learned a lot of lessons in my life. Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards. I’m a lover. I’m a fighter…” – a UDT Navy Seal diver

I’m not a UDT Navy Seal Driver, but I am a warrior of sorts. Each day is a battle and I chose how it ends. It’s all about motivation…and perspective. My definition of defeat – when the motivation and perspective shifts from the positive to the negative causing momentum to cease. I’ve been on the losing end of the day-to-day grind, but I finally think I have this thing called life figured out.

It’s my life and I can choose how well I live it. I am blogging to share the journey toward the realization of who I want to become and the impact I want to make on the world. I decided about a year ago what my mission was in this life. I even went so far as to tattoo said mission on my person so I wouldn’t forget, even when life and old age came at me with both barrels loaded.

“I aspire to inspire before I expire.” Now I’m not quite sure who said this first. But I like it and I’m claiming it as my own (because I want it more than they do – in my Rocket Raccoon voice from Guardians of the Galaxy ).

There is nothing and there is no one that can stop me, but myself. Fortunately, I am done getting in my way, with the exception of the sporadic (oh look! Squirrel!) distractions. So who am I really? I am an Army Reserve, Xena Warrior Princess, Comic-Con loving, Financial Advising, Body training, future bikini competition pro card holding, life coach in the making, beast master. Any questions?

So what can you expect to find when you visit my blog? Everything and nothing at all. It depends on what you’re in the mood for. I’ll most likely have something fitness related, either a story about what happened at the gym or a workout I want to try/tried/killed me. I’m working to get my body competition ready as I hope to compete in my first NPC Bikini Competition next year. So there will be post about that journey throughout this blog. I will occasionally have some photos of food, my progress fitness wise, or cool places I happen to go to.  Remember. . .it’s all about perspective.  When life hands you lemons. . .make a pie (heck you didn’t have to pay for the lemons! Lemons are $.50 each these days. I just checked yesterday. Winning. Duh). When it hands you garlic and/or onions, make Italian food. . .and when it hands you tears… cry, reflect, release, and press on. Too easy.

I will talk about my battle between my inner fat gurl and PHAT gurl.  UFC has nothing on them when they go head to head, let me tell you. Cheat meal vs. Cheat week, The Rumbly in the Tumbly, will not be televised. However, it will be blogged. How I satisfy both ladies will also be blogged in the form of craving quenching recipes that I have tried/modified to be healthier.

There will be random thoughts and responses to various daily prompts that will hopefully help me provide content that improves throughout the life of this blog. I hope this blog will last beyond a year. I hope that in the coming year, my blog followers will grow into, dare to dream, triple digits with most of the followers being active. I want to provide worthwhile content that will work toward reaching the goal I have set for this blog and a life worth living. So stay thirsty my friends, for life’s delicious nectar.



11 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Who am I and Why am I here

  1. Great post. Why bikini and not fitness competitions ? I ask because I do fitness competition/modeling. I prefer fitness over bikini for a ton of reasons. Enter BOTH decide which you prefer. Fitness is more challenging, from your post sounds right up your alley. Enjoy and congrats to you!

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    • Thank you. I thought fitness requires you to have a routine. I’m not talented in that respect (dancing, choreography, flexibility, tumbling, etc.). I was playing with the idea of figure competitions. I think I will take your advice and try them both. So you do fitness? Awesome! I’d love to pick your brain…you’ve been warned. I’m following you now. 😉


  2. LOVE that quote at the top. And just this post in general. I think I’m going to like you a lot. You are intense, like me. And you write well. It’s funny you mention the battle between your inner fat girl and PHAT girl because today while I was running I was getting reallllly close to stopping and I said to myself, are you going to let the weak you overcome the strong you? And I kept running.. It sounds dramatic, but I literally thought it today. Just really similar to what you were mentioning. 🙂


    • I so know what you mean, especially when running is involved. Way to keep running. I usually end up lying to myself on long runs. Just another 5 minutes and we can stop. That 5 minutes wasn’t so bad…let’s do another 2 minutes. Sadly that is the state of my running these days. I have a short/long run in the morning. Wish me luck! 🙂


      • That is EXACTLY what I do.. Just a few more minutes. Okay let’s keep going a while longer. I also have an EXTREMELY competitive side so if someone is on a treadmill near me I have a mental race with them and internally rejoice when I stay running longer than them..

        Hope your run went well this morning!

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      • Sigh alas it did not. I did a short run instead. Unfortunately there wasn’t much competition next to me on the treadmill. It was an older woman who wasn’t running nearly as fast as I needed her to to make it a true race(even in my head lol). So I opted for a leg smashing session afterwards.


      • Hahah damnit! But I do love a good leg smash session. I love lifting. Do you do mostly free weight stuff or mostly machine lifting? For your legs?


      • Oh I use free weights mostly. Dead lifts, squats, leg presses. However, there are a couple machines I use to vary up the workout (leg kick backs with the smith machine, leg extension and leg curl machine). What about you?


      • Ya know, I wish I used more free weights honestly. I played sports in high school and lifted with mostly only free weights, squats, bench press, all sorts of stuff. But that was when my team had the whole weight room to ourselves ya know? Now I am a little bit intimidated to use that stuff because there are a bunch of beefy dudes using it all in that area of my gym. I know I shouldn’t be intimidated and I know that it’s ridiculous that I am, but I just am not sure I remember exactly how to do everything and I don’t want to look like an idiot and get in the way of other people trying to do their workout. I mostly want to do squast using the bar.. That always made me feel like such a boss because I have super strong legs. 🙂

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