The “D” Word

That’s right ladies and gents the “D” word. I’m an adult and I can say it if I want. It’s been rolling around in my head all weekend, taunting me. . . nay, daring me to say it aloud. I have had enough. I can stand no more! DISCIPLINE. DISCIPLINE DISCIPLINE DISCIPLINE! There. I said it.

I’m putting my game face on. It’s a new week and results need to be realized this week and next week both academically and physically. Sometimes I have to kick my own butt because sometimes, I am the only person that can really intimidate/motivate/persuade myself.

And that is okay.

So my small but noble audience, you will be my accountability buddy. Everyone should have one. It keeps us honest, when we would easily lie to ourselves and not realize it until after the fact. With that being said here is the plan for the week (my no-but’s-about-it-must accomplish list):

– No eating or drinking of fruit based products after 5 pm – all that yummy natural sugar will just have to wait for when I have enough time to burn it off.

– Definitely no cheating on my meal discipline until my cheat day (which will either be Saturday or Sunday, depending on where I am).

– NO ALCOHOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Get my practice exam average up to 85 percent by Wednesday and take the exam no later than Sunday.

– Go to my unit and finalize the details of the training that I need to execute this month.

– Work out 6 days this week – not including the 2-a-days on Tuesday and Thursday. Including those it will be 8 workout sessions this week. I’m on If you happen to be on there post a comment on the blog with your name and I’ll reach out to you.

– Drink 1 gallon of water per day.

– Take all vitamins and supplements as required.

– Create meal plan for the week and post. Consider posting photos and recipes as a separate blog (hey way to go more material for the blog 😉 ).

– Call the parentals and grandparentals. They’ll appreciate it and I know I’ll get the warm fuzzies knowing they love me and think I’m as awesome as I think they are.

– Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep.

– Motivate someone to push harder/further than they were able to before.

I think that’s enough for the week. I will be disciplined and remain focused. I hope that you come back and check out the progress. Perhaps it will motivate you. I will be posting photos of how well I embrace the suck of 2-A-Days. My two week leg progress photo will be posted on Instagram, so it should pop up in the side-bar, if you’re not following me on Instagram.

So tell me. . .What are your goals for the week? The month? The remainder of the year? I’m a pretty good accountability buddy if you need one.



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