The Busiest Procrastinator

Have you ever had something to do, but managed to find everything else in the world to do instead?

Today is yet another one of those days for me. Fear not, that which must be accomplished will be accomplished. But today, it is likely to be accomplished at the last possible moment.

For instance, I could be practicing yet one of the many exams that I have already taken, ad naseum, in preparation for my Series 65 exam. But AM I? Why nooooo silly. I’m writing for my blog, after clearly telling myself I would not write until tomorrow.

I really should crack down on myself. I know that if I keep this up, I will feel all guilty about the time I wasted when I could have. . .no wait, SHOULD have been studying. So what to do? Grocery shopping sounds like a far more appealing option. . .Contemplating a healthy recipe for carrot cake even more so. Researching things that must be done to do to be a certified Life Coach sounds both practical and responsible. Now I’m just trying to justify the procrastination.

It is for this reason I usually write my to do list down. At least in the striking through of things, I get a mini feeling of accomplishment. My swipes through the traitorous labors feel rain down victoriously as I cross them off the face of my sheet of paper. Yes. I should write. . . A TO-DO LIST! Yesssssssssssss. . .awwwww pooh! I’m doing it again.


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